Iphone Full Screen Replacement
Iphone 5 - Full screen $55
Iphone 5c - Full Screen $55
Iphone 5s - Full Screen $55
Iphone 6 - Full Screen $58
Iphone 6s - Full Screen $58
Iphone 6s Plus - Full Screen $65
Iphone 6 Plus - Full Screen $65
Iphone 7 - Full Screen $65
Iphone 7 Plus - $68

Other Iphone Screens Price Available On Request.

Please take note. If your home button is damaged, it can be replaced but you will lose figerprint functionality.
We collect your phone and return free of charge. We do not repair on your site at this stage. 

Apple Tablet Screen Replacement

Air - Full Screen
Air 2 - Full Screen
Ipad 2 - Full Screen
Ipad 5th (2017) - Full Screen
Ipad 6th (2018) Full Screen

Other Screens Available On Request

Android Screen Replacement

There are many android phones available today. Please contact us to receive a quote.

Laptop Screen Replacement

Due to the large number of laptops available the price can vary.

Prices range from $65

Please Contact Us With The Details To Receive A Quote

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