• COMPUTER AND SOFTWARE- We will find the cause of your computer or software error. From a Blue Screen of Death error to forgetting your logon password or BIOS password. We can get it done. Don't let the internals of your PC gather dust and cause your system to fail. We will clean the interals of your PC and restore it to health. Got a virus? No Problem. Data Recovery? Yes we can help with that. Even if it has been deleted.
  • HARD DRIVE - Got a new computer or want to upgrade your HDD but want your info? We can clone your Disk and you will not lose anything. Just remember your new HDD must be the same size or bigger than your current DISK. But if you have a smaller disk, no problem. Contact us and we will sort it our.
  • MOBILE PHONE - Mobile phone screens replaced and we can give you the best price Guaranteed. Iphone screens replaced from $45.
  • EDUCATION AND TRAINING- We can help with that new piece of technology or get you going on the internet. We have the patience and understanding to give you the knowledge about all this new tech.
  • RESEARCH- Looking to purchase a new piece of equipment? Contact us and we can investigate and give you advice on the best option that is suited to you and your family.
  • Cable Tidy- Tired of all thos cables laying around? We can fix those cables and find a solution to tidy them up.

Looking for more? Contact us and we will find a solution.

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