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Tired of being overcharged to get your equipment repaired?
Do you think paying hundreds to have your computer repaired or phone screen replaced is fair?
NO IT'S NOT! Read on and keep money in your pocket.

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H Carson Electronics has developed a reputation of not only being the most affordable solution, but also providing outstanding work and service. We take quality and pride in the service we provide for our customers and look forward to working with you on you on your next service or repair. Whether its cleaning your dusty computer or replacing your mobile phone screen. We will work with you to find the best solution to work within your budget. 
H Carson Electronics PC Repair

Computer Servicing

We will service your dusty computer, find the error causing the problem or advise you on how to upgrade. Lost your windows password or forgot your BIOS password? No problem. We can get you going. We can also clone your drive to put in a new computer.

H Carson Electronics Education and Training


Need some training on new gadgets, computer or phone? We will give you the knowledge to use your electronics with ease. 

H Carson Electronics IPhone Screen Replacement

Screen Replacement

We will replace your cracked or damaged phone screen, tablet or laptop. Annoying as it is, we will work within your budget to find the best solution to get your equipment looking great again.

H Carson Electronics Electronics Recycling

We now provide a free electronics recycling program for community. Recycle your old computer, mobile phone or other electronic equipment free.

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