Electronics Recycling Is Better For The Environment

Generally electronics are not allowed to be disposed of in your general waste garbage bin. H Carson Electronics offers a free recycling program to collect and recycle your old computers, phones and other electroni equipment. Recycled items are either sent to our secure recycling facility or some parts may be used in assistance to maintaining charity equipment. We currently service charity equipment free of charge to aid in the assistance to our local community.

Recycling Is Free

We currently accept computers and computer related equipment, including:
Printers, modems/routers, networking equipment, monitors, desktop computers and laptops, speakers, cables and other related equipment. Any Hard Disk Drives still in equipment will be securly destroyed and/or shredded.
We also accept battery chargers, telephones, and most electronics equipment.
We can also consider to accept at this time washing machines and dryers.

We Cannot Accept
Household items such as toasters, microwaves, televisions. We are looking to change this in the near future, but cannot accept these items at this time.

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